Systematic Literature Reviews using NVivo - (1 day)

This master-class gives practical advice to start managing your literature review from the beginning. The workshop will provide strategies to help make your academic literature review more manageable and systematic, using NVivo software.


Workshop - runs over 1 days

Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen has 19 years of research experience with more than 65 peer reviewed publications. She is the Founder & CEO of Adroit Research working in a number of geographically dispersed research teams around the world and teaching qualitative research methods in many universities. She has an Honorary Fellow position at Deakin University and led a longitudinal research project over 10 years based on the Go Girl Go For IT bi-annual event hosted by Deakin. She has in an Adjunct Professor position at Griffith University, studying digital natives, digital literacy and social inclusion. Jenine also founded and runs the highly successful non-profit, the Tech Girls Movement, which increases the participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) industries, engaging girls to build apps to solve problems in their local communities.

About this course: 

This master-class engage participants with NVivo, with guidance on how to search, code, classify and query pdf articles, and import your Endnote/Mendeley/Zotero libraries to aid in meta-analysis. With tools for documenting decisions along the way, we work on building up a body of work that is useful in systematically establishing arguments for the use of theoretical frameworks, research designs, methods and techniques.


The literature review is not just about analysing the current state of research and identifying the research 'gap'; it should also assist in identifying appropriate theoretical frameworks, research designs, methods and techniques. Issues of depth vs breadth are considered, as are strategies for writing. This workshop discusses literature reviews for the above purposes and a practical way to deal with the volume of literature that needs to be reviewed.


The workshop is relevant to all researchers, particularly to early stage researchers with little experience of conducting systematic literature reviews.

Course syllabus: 


  • Importing literature and bibliographical databases
  • Capturing web data
  • Memo’ing
  • Searching and coding literature
  • Framework matrices and other matrix queries




Course format: 

This workshop will take place in a classroom.

Participants are to bring their own laptop with NVivo 12 for Windows installed.

Recommended Background: 

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Recommended Texts: 

​Useful texts:


Bandara, W., Furtmueller, E., Gorbacheva, E., Miskon, S., & Beekhyzen, J., (2015) Achieving Rigor in Literature Reviews: Insights from Qualitative Data Analysis and Tool-support. Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), Vol 34, 8, pp154-204


Booth, A., Papaioannou, D., & Sutton, A. (2012). Systematic approaches to a successful literature review. London, UK: Sage.

Participant feedback: 

Amazing very clear relevant lots of tools & resources. Jenine really knows her subject


Love it , hands on practise opportunities all the way through were really helpful


Met my specific needs - re engaged with basic NVIVO - thinking about planning.


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