queXS CATI - Public Cloud Edition Trial

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The queXS CATI Public Cloud Edition is a complete web based CATI system including VoIP telephony (bring your own VoIP provider). Simply purchase the trial edition here and log on to the system using your web browser. If you are manually dialling, there is no other sofware to install. If you want to use the built in VoIP telephony a computer headset is required and a small, standalone VoIP client is available to download.

Why should I use this appliance?

This appliance is a completely set up queXS system “in a box”. You will not need to load web server software, configure a VoIP server, or even know how to do these things. You will have a running queXS system hosted by Amazon in your region, and managed and supported by ACSPRI.

One week trial edition

This one week trial edition gives you the opportunity to test the full queXS CATI appliance for a very small fee. If you are happy with the system, renew it for the first month and keep your settings. Your first renewal will be in addition to the first week of the trial, regardless of when you renew within the trial period.

System requirements for accessing hosted system

  • A computer with a modern web browser
  • A broadband internet connection
  • A headset (if using VoIP feature)

Using the appliance

  1. Purchase the appliance by choosing a region near you and  clicking "add to cart" below and complete the checkout
  2. Wait for an email notifying you of the URL and password to access the hosted service (should take less than 15 minutes)
  3. Access the appliance using a web broser
  4. Get familiar with the system by running through the Getting Started Guide


Getting Started Guide

Administration manual (including setting up questionnaires, operators, etc)

Operator/interviewer slideshow

Reports and quotas documentation

Description of default call outcome codes


Contact ACSPRI queXS support for support

Price: $50.00

The region to run the queXS Appliance in. Should be the closest geographical region to your survey centre