Jeroen van der Heijden

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Dr Jeroen van der Heijden – Dr Jeroen van der Heijden is an associate professor, based at the Australian National University and the University of Amsterdam. Jeroen has specialised in different governance practices for low-carbon and resilient city development and transformation in the Global North and Global South. Since 2007, he has been applying QCA in various research projects, which has resulted in a number of publications that directly apply this method. Two of his recent publications in this area are: ‘The role of government in voluntary environmental programs: A fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis’, Public Administration, 2015; and ‘Symmetric and asymmetric motivations for compliance and violation: A crisp set qualitative comparative analysis (csQCA) of Chinese farmers’, Regulation and Governance, 2015 (with Huiqi Yan and Benjamin van Rooij). More information on Jeroen’s work is available from


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