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ACSPRI program courses run from 3- 5 days, twice a year (Summer and Winter) face-to-face in a lab or classroom, or online. They are small group and hands-on with a maximum of 20 students (or 12 online). Program courses are a comprehensive overview of the subject you will be teaching. They range from a basic introduction to a subject (level 1) all the way through to an advanced, ‘expert’ exploration of a particular topic (level 5).

Examples include:


ACSPRI Workshops and master-classes run over two days in Melbourne (face-to-face) or online throughout the year. They are small group and hands-on with a maximum of 14 students (F2F) or 12 online. These courses are specialised, usually focusing on a specific topic or technique.

Examples Include:


For an idea of the range and levels of courses we offer, visit our "about ACSPRI" courses page.


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