LimeSurvey Services

ACSPRI is the LimeSurvey Authorised Partner for Australia. Limesurvey Authorised Partner Logo


ACSPRI has been contributing to, supporting, customising and hosting LimeSurvey in Australia for over 10 years. ACSPRI maintains a containerised (Docker) version of LimeSurvey that has over 500,000 pulls. We have also released LimeSurvey plugins including an automated survey backup solution, a way to use LimeSurvey as an LTI provider, and an updated customisable opt out page and emailer.


We offer a hosted service based on LimeSurvey for employees and students of member organisations, called CANVASS. We also host and provide support for enterprise deployments of LimeSurvey (including integrated SSO)


We can assist with creating your survey in LimeSurvey or moving to LimeSurvey from an existing survey system.


We offer training courses either in house, via video-conference or at our office in Melbourne. We have a 1 day course, a 2 day course, and also can offer customised training to suit the needs of your organisation.


ACSPRI can integrate LimeSurvey with your existing systems and services, including employee or student databases for participant selection, and reporting tools for data output. We have expertise in setting up LimeSurvey in Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs).


Contact us on 03 9013 9653 or to find out how ACSPRI can help you with your LimeSurvey project.