Gordana Bacic

email: gordana.bacic

Gordana is the Membership Services, Marketing and Events Coordinator for ACSPRI. Gordana's role includes promoting ACSPRI’s suite of member services across programs and conferences; surveys and software development; and, data access and usage. Gordana liaises with our members to coordinate, administer and market our programs and conferences.


Len Coote

email: len.coote

Len is the Academic Director for ACSPRI (part time). Len works with ACSPRI's executive committee to set and implement ACSPRI's academic direction and strategy.


Judy Heath

email: judy.heath

Judy Heath is the Business Manager for ACSPRI.


Toula Sfakianakis

email: toula.sfakianakis

Toula Sfakianakis is the Office Manager of ACSPRI and is responsible for the running of the survey research centre office, inquiries, ordering/purchasing of stock and organising research support staff rosters.


Adam Zammit

email: adam.zammit

Adam Zammit is the Director of Operations for ACSPRI. He is responsible for developing software for social research,  overseeing its training programs, managing its conferences and developing its survey research activities, as well as representing ACSPRI in its national and international activities.




Research support staff

Research workers at ASA receive training in a wide range of research support roles. They are initially engaged primarily as survey interviewers or technical support staff. But they are trained to work on a variety of survey related tasks.

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