queXS CATI Software

queXS is a web based, open source, computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) software system. It can be used to operate outbound telephone survey research centres.

queXS is developed by ACSPRI as part of the queX suite of open source survey software tools.

queXS is available is two editions:

Community edition

Install on your own server and configure yourself - totally free and open source. Support or customisation can be purchased from ACSPRI on an hourly basis.

Why choose this edition?

  • No cost at all
  • Unlimited interviewers, projects, developers
  • Already have the staff and systems to install and configure web based software, VoIP and databases
  • Can still purchase support or customisation from ACSPRI as required on an hourly basis

The queXS community edition is available on the queXS website

Public cloud edition (SaaS)

Purchase from ACSPRI on a monthy basis. Hosted by Amazon in your region. Fully pre-configured including VoIP integration with Asterisk. Your survey administrator and interviewers only require a web browser and a headset.

Why choose this edition?

  • Totally pre-configured, and fully maintained
  • Once ordered, receive an email with details of accessing the running system within 15 minutes
  • Includes email support from ACSPRI
  • Fully hosted by Amazon in your region (EU, Asia Pacific, US East or US West)
  • No server required. Only requirements to operate are a basic computer with broadband internet access, a web browser and a headset
  • Software regularly updated and upgraded by ACSPRI
  • Pay a fixed price per month. No additional licensing costs or per user fees.
  • Unlimited interviewers, projects, developers

Purchase one month of the public cloud edition from ACSPRI

Trial one week of the public cloud edition