Data Analysis Using Stata: Online

This course aims to provide you with the understanding and experience to undertake a basic research project in the social or health sciences using Stata as the statistical tool.


This course will be run over 5 days in the following sessions:


  • 10.00 am - 11.30 am - Instructional Zoom Session
  • 12.30 pm - 2.00 pm - Instructional Zoom Session
  • 3.00 pm - 5.00pm - Exercises and consultation


Please note this course will run on Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10)
 (Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane time)


Level 2 - runs over 5 days

Dr Joanna Dipnall is an applied statistician with interests in the advanced statistical methods, including machine learning and deep learning techniques. She completed her Honours in Econometrics with Monash University and her PhD with IMPACT SRC, School of Medicine, Deakin University. Joanna works extensively with registry and linked medical data and collaborates extensively with the Faculty of IT at Monash to supervise Masters and PhD students to integrate artificial intelligence within health research. Joanna teaches within the Monash Biostatistics Unit and is the Unit Co-coordinator for the Monash Masters of Health Data Analytics course. Joanna has taught advanced statistical methods for many years at universities and for ACSPRI.

Course dates: Monday 3 July 2023 - Friday 7 July 2023
Course status: Course completed (no new applicants)
Week 2
About this course: 

Stata is a comprehensive integrated package for data management, analysis and graphics. Stata has a comprehensive GUI interface.  Sample datasets will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring some of your own data for analysis in Excel or ASCII format.


Teaching and practice will be closed integrated. Private consultations will be allocated during the course as needed.


The course is suitable for beginners to the Stata package and will be presented in a way that introduces survey research. It is also appropriate to those familiar with Stata as it extends the capabilities of more experienced researchers.

Course syllabus: 

Day 1

  • About Stata
  • Inputting data into Stata
  • Exploring data in Stata
  • Basic data modifications in Stata


Day 2
Basic Analysis

  • Tables and Correlations
  • T-tests and analysis of variance
  • Introductrion to Stata graphics
  • Consultation


Day 3
More Analysis

  • Handling Dates
  • Developing scales
  • Factor analysis
  • Consultation


Day 4
“Day of Regression”

  • OLS Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Consultation


Day 5
Survey Data

  • Meging Datasets
  • Analysis of survey data in Stata
  • Consultation
Course format: 

This course will take place online using Zoom and uses the Stata software. If you don't have access to Stata, we will organise a trial version for your course.

Notes and sample datasets will be provided, but you are encouraged to have some of your own data for analysis in Excel or ASCII format.


Recommended Background: 

This course assumes that participants have;

(1) reasonable understanding of statistics to be able to comprehend the material covered in the course outline above (e.g. regression analysis)

(2) some familiarity with a PC environment including keyboard skills and understanding of folder and file structures,

(3) some experience in using Microsoft Word and Excel or their equivalent

(4) some experience using a text editor such as Notepad.

It does not assume prior experience with Stata, SAS, SPSS or any other specific statistical packages although any such experience would be helpful.

Recommended Texts: 

The instructor's bound, book length course notes will serve as the course texts.


No specific references are suggested although participants are encouraged to bring any Stata documentation they may have. For an overview of the Stata package, please visit or


Course fees
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Q: Do I have to have any prerequisites to do this course?

A: It would be advised that you have completed an introductory statisics course ie Fundamentals of Statsistics.

Participant feedback: 


I feel much more confident using Stata after the course and understand what I'm doing and the language much better.


It was a great course. The online zoom format worked really well. I would be keen to do any future online courses that may become available.


I liked that we could follow along during the lesson on our own computers or just listen and watch. I also liked the exercises and having time during the breaks to work on them.


New skills learnt and covered a lot of material in 5 days.


Really enjoyed this class, a good mix of consolidating some basic concepts and applying stata commands. It was great to come away with files I can use as a template for my analyses.


This course improved my knowledge & skills in STATA. I did have very little knowledge on STATA,  after this course I learned a lot.


Good balance of exercise, examples and own work.


Gave me the technical skills to use STATA


Very helpful practical course, intense but highly recommended.


Jo ran an excellent and energetic course both hands on and explained complicated concepts simply. Love the hands on.


Highly relevant to my work & research. Would highly recommend to others. 


Winter Program 2023

The instructor's bound, book length course notes will serve as the course texts.

These will be posted in advance to your nominated 'shipping address'

Supported by: 

Stata is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Survey Design and Analysis Services.