2014 Summer Program - Notice for Distribution

Dear ACSPRI Representative,


We are excited to announce that enrolments for the 2014 ACSPRI Summer Program are now open.


As usual please find below a generic notice for distribution among research staff and HDR students within your reach. Also, as usual, for representatives that have difficulty forwarding notices beyond their own faculty, department, etc, I am happy to assist in contacting other relevant areas.


Please feel free to tailor the notice as you see fit (e.g. you may like to change the words 'This Organisation' at the beginning of the 4th paragraph). Finally, as per recent Winter and Spring programs, a mail-out of promotional posters will shortly be taking place. I expect these will be received in roughly two weeks. If there is someone in your department that is better placed to receive these posters, please let me know and I will amend the address on this list.


Once again, many thanks for your support


Best wishes






Dear Colleagues


Enrolments for the 2014 ACSPRI Summer Program are now open.


The Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc. (ACSPRI) is a not-for-profit organisation that has offered short courses in research methods, predominantly for staff and HDR students at its member institutions, for nearly three decades. These courses are suitable for researchers across a wide range of fields and cover a range of qualitative and and quantitative research methods and analysis techniques of various levels and also include training in a number of research-related software (different courses focus on SPSS, AMOS, Mplus, Nvivo, STATA, R and SAS).


The 2014 Summer Program is set to be the largest ACSPRI Program ever held, with twenty-eight five-day courses to chose from across three weeks; nine at Australian National University in Canberra from 20th - 24th January and nineteen at University of Melbourne from 3rd - 14th February.


This organisation is an ACSPRI Member, so bookings from staff and students are eligible for generous discounts. The full non-member rate is $3130 per course, whereas our staff pay only $1560 prior to the Early Bird Deadline on 28th November 2013. Full time post graduate students pay only $1000 before the same deadline.


Program details, individual course descriptions, FAQs and enrolment instructions are all available at www.acspri.org.au/summerprogram2014. Queries can be forwarded to Marty Lynch, Program Coordinator at summer2014@acspri.org.au.


Several courses are likely to fill up well before the Early Bird Deadline, so be quick!