Update re Winter Program Bookings

Dear ACSPRI Member Representatives 


With the Early Bird Deadline for the 2014 ACSPRI Winter Program only a few days away it seems like a good time to touch base. Bookings for Winter started off very strongly but the rush leading up to next week's deadline has not been as strong as predicted.


As we are currently in transition between two email systems, I am conscious that some reps may have missed out on a notice for circulation or missed out on a reminder (or it has gone to junkmail). This email is a follow up to make sure you have received sufficient publicity for the upcoming program. An initial notice was circulated to reps via this system on 28th March. A second email was sent to all reps and key contacts on 17th or 22nd April (date depends on which state you are in). In addition to that, a couple of ACSPRI News notices have been sent out to the entire mailing list, including one in the last hour or so.


The latest ACSPRI News notice sent out this afternoon reminds the reader that the Early Bird Deadline is this coming Wednesday 7th May and the related discounts. It also describes what ACSPRI courses are and includes suitable links, so it should be ready to be circulated as it is. Even if you have circulated it already, I imagine that many staff and student groups could benefit from a reminder if you are in a position to facilitate that.


If you have any issues receiving emails from the new system or you would like more information regardless, please feel free to contact me.


Many thanks as always.


Marty Lynch

Program Coordinator ACSPRI